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Changes to SOCAN Foundation Composer Residencies Grants

SOCAN Foundation has modified some aspects of its Composer Outreach Residencies Grants, effective with applications submitted for 2014 deadlines. Applicants are now required to pay the composer's eligible travel costs, to be later reimbursed by SOCAN Foundation upon submission of a duly accepted final report.

Eligible travel expenses are inter-city travel (such as economy air-, train- or bus fare, and automobile at 47 cents per km) for the composer to take part in the residency. In the case of a composer traveling to the residency from outside of Canada, SOCAN Foundation will reimburse inter-city travel to a maximum of $1,500. SOCAN Foundation will also reimburse a flat amount of $175 to cover local travel for the composer (such as airport taxis). Grant recipients will provide the composer's inter-city travel receipts (pdf, jpg) with their final reports.